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Add Flare and Protection Back To Your Ride

Add Flare and Protection Back To Your Ride

Add Flare and Protection Back To Your Ride

Bumper to bumper vehicle protection is a booming business. In the United States alone, the average cost of a new car has risen close to $40,000. According to Kelly Blue Book, new car prices rise an average of 4% every year.

Without protection, bumpers and other exterior parts of a vehicle become riddled with scrapes, dings, and other significant damage. Safeguarding the front bumper to lessen the damage adds considerable long-term value to the vehicle.

Damage to the front bumper happens to the best of drivers, whether or not you live in urban or suburban settings. There will always be plenty of other reckless drivers around the corner.

Practical Solutions to Protect Your Bumper.

Front bumpers undergo some of the worst punishment to any area of the frame and undercarriage. No matter how careful you are, scrapes and dings to the bumper are going to happen.

Deciding on the right protection is going to depend on your type of daily driving. Are you constantly in and out of parking spaces and heavy traffic or just occasionally driving into town? How about road conditions; are they well maintained, or is there nothing but potholes?

Bumper Guards are by far one of the most popular and practical protection solutions available. Guards come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations.

Front, side, and license plate bumper products are available in temporary or permanent setups. Products come in license plate frames, head-on protection, corner coverage, or full bumper shielding.

  • Bull-bars and tube style guards offer full and partial coverage for front bumpers and are a stylish choice for off-road vehicles. These types of guards offer shielding for only portions of the bumper.
  • Bumper pads and stick-on strips are great options for the do it yourself owner. Position the pads where you expect the most damage.
  • Car bras and front end covers have come a long way from the ugly ill-fitting covers of the past. Front end masks are durable with custom fitting models from some manufactures. In a lot of cases, these bras now cover the entire front of the vehicle.

Protecting the Surface and Underside of Your Bumper

Innovative new products are quickly finding their way onto the automobile marketplace as vehicles are being used for more diverse driving activities. In the not too distant past, vehicles were only for driving back and forth to work and around town.

In the US market alone, 43 new car models are introduced each year, with the strongest segment being the crossover vehicle. Vendors are continually building exciting and innovative new products to protect these new models.


With creative new vehicles come innovative new products to protect those bumpers. Again, depending on your type of driving, adding bumper protection makes a lot of sense. If you only experience lite scrapes, consider some of the advanced coating materials available.


Industrial grade ceramics are nano-particles that bond with the finish at a molecular level, creating a new surface. Ceramics are designed primarily for the vehicle's paint and clear coat. If bumper guards are not for you, consider a tough ceramic application.

Ceramic and similar coatings will not lessen the destruction incurred from curb rash, dings, and other extreme damage. Handy car owners can apply ceramics to the bumper if necessary; better yet, use a professional detailing service.


Another innovative product that technology has vastly improved upon is plastic and polymer film coverings. Films are easily applied, inexpensive, and owners can do the job in just an hour or two.

A few of the different types of materials and how to use them:

  • Low-density polythene films have enhanced flexibility and low weight.
  • Polyvinyl chloride is sleek with higher levels of elasticity, making it an ideal option for metal surfaces.
  • Polypropylene is less flexible and holds tight even in higher temperatures.
  • Polyolefin works well with glass or painted bumpers.
  • Low-density polythene provides higher protection by using layering.

Bumper Lips

Everyone has heard the agonizing sound of a front bumper scraping along the concrete. Damage to the bottom of a bumper is rarely seen; however, corrosion is the big problem with this type of damage. Protection to the front linkage is also a consideration with a damaged bumper.

Not only does a bumper spoiler protect the vehicle from damage, but the lip also offers improved aerodynamics and aesthetics. The front spoiler forces the air to pass over the vehicle rather than under the vehicle. With the right kit, vehicle styling is dramatically improved.

Lip Kits are easy to install, immediately improve the looks, and provide greater protection from various road debris.

Final Thoughts

Cars and trucks are no longer a simple means to get back and forth from work or around town; Vehicles are an Investment! Protect your investment.

A well-maintained vehicle commands up to 20% more in value when it is time to trade or sell.