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Auto Parts - What You Need to Know Before Buying Car Parts

Auto Part Stores Near Me

Auto Parts - What You Need to Know Before Buying Car Parts

Keeping your vehicle going doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. All it takes is some know-how and understanding on how to find the right parts for the right vehicle. Online shopping has made finding car parts as easy as typing “auto part stores near me” into your phone, but that can sometimes lead to poor-quality parts, or even the wrong parts that won’t match your vehicle.

Here are a few things you need to know when looking for auto parts to ensure you get a high-quality and reasonably priced version of the exact part that you are looking for.

Know Your Exact Make and Model

Car parts are not a one-size-fits-all situation. They are instead quite specific to certain makes and models. This is also true for aftermarket parts that aren’t coming directly from the vehicle manufacturer. If you want to get the right part, start by knowing the make, model and year of your vehicle.

Understand Different Styles of Auto Parts

Car parts fall into four broad categories that you need to know about so you can find the right part. Let’s break them down:

1.  OE (Original Equipment): When people refer to the “genuine” or “OE” part, they mean that actual, original part that came in your car with the auto manufacturer branding.

2.  OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer): These are parts made by the original company that made parts for the auto manufacturer. Essentially, they are the same parts as what came in your car.

3.  Aftermarket: These parts are manufactured by a different company altogether, but with the same specifications as the OEM. Aftermarket parts are often the least expensive parts and are often just as reliable as genuine or OEM parts. The major difference is they can have different specs for greater customization, but often at a lower price point.

4.  Used: Just what it sounds like. These aren’t new parts but old ones that still have some life left in them. Used parts are the least expensive option, if you can find them, but also the least likely to be of high-quality and will have the shortest lifespan.

Look at the Store’s Policies

As with all online shopping, it’s important to know the fine print. It’s especially important with auto parts, since there is a chance that you will need to return or exchange a part.

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