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Benefits of Buying a Rental Car

Benefits of Buying a Rental Car

Benefits of Buying a Rental Car

Car buying has become a common trend today. However, there is a growing concern as some people consider buying rental cars. Although buying rental cars might sound risky, there is no need to worry about used-cars. Rental cars are well-maintained, easy to purchase, and prices are fair. When buying rental cars, this will not be so different from buying from a used-car dealership company. Notably, rental cars are well inspected before they are put up for sale, and what is more, you will get a warranty for the car. Besides, trade-in for your current car is also allowed.

Many car rental companies will purchase many cars each year which will be sold after 18 to 24 months either through major auction or directly to the public. This means that a certain percentage in the cars you see on the road is rental or ex-rental. You might be sitting on might be one of these rental cars. When you are buying a car, you will meet two schools of thought one encouraging you to buy and the other recommending that you avoid them at all cost. Is purchasing a rental car a good idea? Let us examine some of the benefits linked to buying rental cars available in the market.

Low Prices

As noted earlier, car rental companies buy many cars every year, and thus they get them at a lower price. This translates to lower price as they also sell their cars. However, it would help if you did not assume that they are not aware of the market value of the car they sell. Their cars will be discounted to a certain percentage, although not much as you could be expecting. You will be left to choose if you need to purchase from them or not.

Nearly New

Since rental cars are sold after 18-24 months, or even after 40,000 miles, you can rest assured that you will find a car as good as new. This means that you will be getting the best and latest model associated with their safety and fuel economy benefits.

Warranty Coverage

Since rental cars will be sold before two years are over, you will be lucky to enjoy the company warranty since new cars come with at least three years' warranty coverage. Notably, buying rental cars from the right dealers guarantees a warranty of about 12 months on some cars if not all.

Maintained and Certified

Many people choose rental cars is because they are well maintained. Nobody who would like to get a car that fails while they are on a trip. Rental companies ensure that they take care of their cars by ensuring that regular checks and servicing is done since this also boosts the resale value.

If you choose to buy a rental car, you are assured that it had a regular oil change and proper servicing services as required. Besides, they ensure that any recalls are sorted promptly. Just like a dealership, you are assured that rental cars will be sold as 'Certified' meaning that they are properly inspected and any faults detected have been corrected. Since some clients will look at the certification, you are assured that this is the right one-stop-shop for your rental car purchase.

Test Drive

Since rental car companies have been in this industry for a long time selling their retired fleet, you are assured that you will get the best car. Some rental car companies guarantee two or three days' test drive, and when you are certain and satisfied with the car, you can close the deal.

Final Take

Before choosing to buy used cars from these rental companies, you need to do your homework properly. Additionally, ensure that a certified independent mechanic that you trust also inspects the car. Consider checking the record and check on rental companys' policies. If you are not provided with the rental company's vehicle history, you can as well get one yourself from AutoCheck or Carfax. In conclusion, rental companies also offer financing options, but you can shop around to get pre-approved for an auto loan since you will get the best rates.

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