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Best Automotive Accessories For Bad Weather

When bad weather hits in the fall and winter, you want to be prepared. Snow, rain and cold temperatures can cause irreversible damage to the inside and outside of your vehicle. Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent this damage with the right accessories. Let’s take a look at some of the best bad weather accessories for cars and trucks.

All-Weather Floor Mats

In wet weather, it’s inevitable that the moisture gets inside your vehicle as you climb in and out with wet shoes. The wetness builds up and gets into your factory carpet, which eventually degrades it. However, you can prevent this by installing all-weather floor mats that are designed to resist spills, stains and moisture from rain or snow.

Tonneau Covers

If you own a truck, then bad weather seriously impacts what you can haul in your truck bed during this time. A tonneau cover can solve this problem by installing over your truck bed to protect anything in it. A quality tonneau cover is designed to be tight against leaks, so even if you get a pile of snow on top of it, your load will be nice and dry underneath.

Snow Brush and Scraper Tool

If your area gets a lot of snow, then this tool is indispensable. The scraper side works to remove ice from your windows, and the brush side allows you to easily and safely remove collected snow from your vehicle.

Best Automotive Accessories For Bad Weather

Full Car Cover

The ultimate way to protect your vehicle’s paint and interior is a car cover. If you don’t have covered parking for your vehicle, this accessory can help preserve your vehicle’s appearance. Rain, snow and sun do serious damage over time to your paint and the interior. Car covers come in sizes that fit multiple vehicles, or you can have one custom-made for your exact vehicle.

Window Deflectors

These are guards that install over the top part of your windows to keep rain and snow out, but also to allow fresh air in. It’s a great accessory for those accidental times that you leave your window cracked only to have it downpour overnight.

Clumping Cat Litter

Believe it or not, this handy trick can help you get unstuck in the snow. Spreading cat litter beneath your tires will help you gain enough traction to drive away. This is especially helpful if it snows while your car is parked at work.

Seat Covers

Another interior accessory that can help prevent sun damage and moisture damage is seat covers. If you don’t like the look of ill-fitting universal seat covers, you can easily get custom seat covers that will fit like a glove over your factory upholstery.

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