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Dangers of driving with iced-up windshield

Always Deice Your Vehicle

Driving with a frosty windshield may not seem very serious, but think again. Impaired driving is dangerous for you and everyone around you, whether pedestrians or other drivers. An iced-over or frosty windshield inhibits your ability to see properly, meaning you could fail to see traffic signals and other vehicles. You may not see a child crossing the street or a car pulling out in front of you. Best case scenario, you may end up in a minor accident. Worst case scenario, someone could get hurt or even killed.

On top of being extremely dangerous, driving without remove frost and snow can cost you a lot of money. Driving with frost-covered windows and mirrors is so dangerous and has caused enough accidents that it is illegal in many places. Some laws go as far as fining drivers who fail to remove all ice and snow from their vehicles, including the snow on top of the car, before entering any public roads.

Why not protect yourself, and others, by ensuring that all winter debris is removed from your car before you leave home? Understandably, this can be a struggle, especially if you are running late or are in a hurry. But do not let the rush of everyday life cause you to take undue risks.

Here are a few tips to help you clear your car windows quickly, safely, and efficiently.

  • Turn on your car’s defrost. This may seem a bit obvious, but the absolute best way to clear your windshield is to turn on your car and get the engine warming up. Be sure not to leave your car running and unlocked, because this is also a safety hazard.
  • Use a strong plastic ice scraper with a brush. Use the brush to remove any snow and lose debris, then use the scraper to remove tougher ice and frost. Do not use anything metal to scrap your car because it may damage your vehicle.
  • Use a deicer spray. Most stores that carry automotive supplies offer deicer sprays, which you simply spray on and the ice melts away. If you cannot find one at the store you can make one at home out of a solution of one part water and two parts 70% isopropyl alcohol. Never use warm or hot water to deice your windows, especially in the frigid temperatures. This is very dangerous and could cause your windshield to crack or shatter.

Always remember to remove all ice and snow from your vehicle before you drive. The few extra minutes you spend scraping your windshield could save you from paying a hefty fine. More importantly, ensuring that you have complete and clear visibility could save a life. Think twice, deice.