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Engine Upgrades: How They Whip Up Additional Engine Horsepower

Engine Upgrades: How They Whip Up Additional Engine Horsepower

Engine Upgrades: How They Whip Up Additional Engine Horsepower

For car enthusiasts, nothing beats the rush of their vehicle taking off with power and velocity each time they press down on the gas pedal. While it's true that modifying the engine of your car was once reserved for hardcore car enthusiasts as well as the neighborhood racer-boys, what was regarded as a troublesome art and hobby in the past has gained popularity and acceptance over the years. Whether you simply want to make your Grand Prix dreams come to life or just want to drive your block's fastest ride, you will undoubtedly appreciate a perfectly placed engine upgrade.

The Best Ways To Add Horsepower To Your Ride

From your trusted truck or SUV to your favorite two-door hunchback sedan, putting additional horsepower and torque into your vehicle allows you to careen off the streets with great speed and intensity. While you may not have the means and the pit stop space to hire a team of mechanical engineers that can help power your ride, we listed down several ways you can pull that can make your machine more powerful.

Improve The Car's Air Intake

Regardless of what you drive, your vehicle's engine is one big air pump. As it works mainly by creating a series of perfectly-timed combustions that pull in and push out air, upgrading to a high-performing cold air intake (CAI) is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase horsepower. Pulling cool air from outside the engine, your CAI system operates by taking in air, blending it with fuel, and burning that combination to produce power. Designed to eliminate unwanted turbulence within the pipes as well as reduce airflow resistance, it ultimately decreases the flow of air in your engine, allowing it more strength and power.


Add A High-Flow Catalytic Converter

Commonly referred to as a high-flow cat, it quickly reduces emissions by creating a chemical reaction between your vehicle's exhaust and the engine's numerous metal parts. Performing along with your other exhaust modifications, it focuses on increasing your engine's flow capability that stimulates it to generate more power. Known to increase power across the full range of your car's RPM, as well as reduce the toxicity of your exhaust emissions, you will be surprised at the enormous clout from such a small part.

Invest In A High-Flow Cat-Back Exhaust System

While reducing noise and emissions are the primary tasks of a vehicle's muffler and catalytic converter, a cat-back exhaust system drives out exhaust gas faster to make room for air and fuel. Typically features straight-flow mufflers, it significantly contributes to better airflow through the exhausts, resulting in more speed and power.

Utilize Performance Chips And Programmers

Although the factory-programmed computer that controls your engine can take you far, it leaves a host of performance capabilities that could otherwise enhance your vehicle's efficiency. While it agrees to certain emissions and fuel octane requirements, reprogramming the computer on your vehicle gives you control over a bunch of settings such as fuel injection timing, transmission shifts, and fuel-to-air ratio that lead to gains in horsepower. Easy to use and often features a plug-and-play installation, it allows you to effortlessly improve your car's horsepower to remarkable performance levels.

Consider Superchargers And Turbochargers

Regarded as some of the most effective ways to give your ride a boost, adding forced induction systems such as superchargers or turbochargers to your vehicle provide notable advancements in its performance. Although it may be one of the more pricey options on our list, a turbocharger's ability to efficiently derive power from the exhaust system and a supercharger's capacity to instantly transmit power when you step on the gas makes it a worthy addition to your any vehicle.

Enhance Fuel Injection

Designed to provide car owners with the mileage they were promised when they first bought their vehicle, a well-balanced fuel flow will not only result in optimal mileage but also an increase in horsepower. By removing the carbon deposits from within the engine, it effectively removes air blockages that allow your engine to generate and discharge additional velocity and strength.

Go Large In Diameter Throttle Body

Along with an efficient fuel injection system, the throttle body is responsible for regulating the air that flows into your engine. Regarded as an essential part of any vehicle, installing a large-diameter throttle body allows for an easier airflow that helps the engine fire more proficiently. Although an aftermarket upgrade, squeezing in a throttle body spacer lets you squeeze out more juice from your engine as it creates just enough space for air to enter which results in more torque and better fuel economy.

From installing a NOS kit to keeping your car tuned up and well lubricated, there are a handful of available ways to increase your automobile's horsepower. Bear in mind that no matter the type of vehicle, mechanics and car owners will always be on the lookout for anything that could provide them with a substantial hit of speed. While Grand Prix engineers would not hesitate to tear apart engines in their quest for additional strength and torque, you can never go wrong with these highly effective, well-performed, and affordable engine upgrades.

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