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Essential Aftermarket Parts for Your Honda

Honda Aftermarket Parts

Essential Aftermarket Parts for Your Honda

It is a far too common occurrence when car components become broken or worn out, that they cannot be repaired and instead must be replaced. Unfortunately, parts from the original manufacturer are either not available or far too expensive. It is therefore not only possible but highly advised to turn to a trustworthy aftermarket dealer to help you out. Your Honda is no different. There is a common misconception that aftermarket parts that do not come from the OEM are somehow inferior and this is simply not true. This quick blog post is going to cover what we mean by aftermarket parts, and what the benefits of these parts are, as well as recommend some great aftermarket options for Honda drivers.

What are aftermarket parts?

Aftermarket parts simply refer to replacement parts that are not made by the manufacturer. There is a misconception, perpetuated by manufacturers in some cases, that aftermarket parts are somehow inferior and this is simply not true. Most cars, when they are designed, are intended to be "good enough" as opposed to as good as can be. That's why so many cars, such as Hondas, can often see major improvements from just a couple of minor aftermarket adjustments.

What are the benefits of using aftermarket parts?

There are many key benefits to using aftermarket car parts. The biggest benefit is that they are almost always cheaper. Cheaper, but of equal or higher quality. While it is not always cost-effective to go around replacing every OEM component with an aftermarket part, they are almost always a superior choice when forced to make a replacement. Aftermarket components can raise the value of your car, extend its lift, improve its comfortability, and (for some) most importantly - make it look nicer! A few aftermarket adjustments can massively increase comfortability and style and make driving your car all the more enjoyable.

Best aftermarket parts for your Honda:

Hondas' are generally pretty easy to find good value aftermarket parts for because they are so common. OEM Honda components are generally quite expensive as they are of high quality. It is not only possible but quite easy to find great Honda aftermarket components from auto part warehouses like PartsMax. Here are a few essential aftermarket parts for your Honda:

Honda Civic Aftermarket Auto Parts

Aftermarket exhaust

Your exhaust does far more than simply muffle the noises your engine makes and expel fumes. Your exhaust is vital for maintaining an efficient balance of gas and air in the engine. With a faulty exhaust, you can experience a serious loss of performance with an engine that is literally struggling to breathe. There are plenty of minor adjustments you can make to your exhaust such as replacing the headers, your catalytic converter (not so minor), or swapping out the muffler.

Aftermarket moonroof visor

Many Hondas have an issue with their moonroof in that it is near enough impossible to leave it open purely based on the sheer volume of the wind rushing by. A common, and needed, aftermarket addition is to purchase a moonroof visor that can reduce the wind noise enough that your moonroof is useable in even the strongest of winds. Many moonroof visors come tinted if that is preferential to your style.

Aftermarket headlights

There is a common complaint with standard OEM headlights that they are simply not bright enough, or dull too easily. That's why many Honda drivers elect to swap out their standard Honda headlights for something a little brighter. The addition of fog lights to your vehicle is another worthwhile upgrade depending on where you live, as driving blind through the fog is as terrifying as it is dangerous.

LED Tail lights

Your tail lights are what help those behind you see your signaling and keep track of where you are on the road. This is the only aftermarket upgrade that isn't directly for your benefit. LED tail lights can be much brighter and therefore much safer. You can reduce your chance of getting rear-ended tremendously by making the upgrade to LED tail lights. More often than not this adjustment is simply swapping some bulbs and requires little to no technical know-how.


As you can see, upgrading to better-quality aftermarket components can be tremendously beneficial. Honda has a habit of charging far too much for parts that can be purchased from elsewhere of equal quality and far superior price! You can find a huge inventory of aftermarket Honda parts on PartsMax by clicking here.