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How To Change A Car Battery

A car battery does not last forever. It should be replaced after some time regardless of whether you managed to take good care of the car battery as a car owner. If you notice the headlights are not as bright, or your car needs to be jumpstarted, you are supposed to replace the car battery. In this context, the main focus should be on how to change a car battery.

Steps on how to remove the old battery.

1. Park the Car on a Level Surface. The Area Should Be Secure.

After parking the car, turn off the vehicle. Remove the keys and ensure there is no power heading to the battery. A driveway is an excellent place to park your car as you change the battery.

2. Wear the Safety Gear and Pop the Car’s Hood.

The car battery may contain some sulfuric acid, and it is highly corrosive. Such a solution can burn your skin. Make sure you have worn the necessary safety gear. Open the hood and then prop it using a rod. If you have any metal jewelry on you, take it off to avoid being electrocuted.

3. Locate the Battery

The battery is located at one of the corners in the engine bay close to the front bumper in most instances.

4. Make sure you have disconnected the negative cable using a cable tie.

To prevent an electrical short, you should remove the negative cable first. The negative terminal has a minus sign.

5. Make sure the positive cable has been disconnected and secured.

The positive terminal usually has a plus sign. After removing the positive terminal, make sure it will not get into contact with the negative terminal to avoid an electrical short.

6. Remove the Car Battery

In case the battery is too heavy, you may seek some assistance since it weighs approximately 20 pounds.

Steps on how to Install the new car battery

1. Start by cleaning the battery terminals to get rid of the corrosion.

Make sure you have checked the battery terminals for some powdery buildup. The buildup may be blue, green, or grey. Use some sandpaper to get rid of the corrosion present on the terminals. Keep in mind the battery acid is corrosive, and you should ensure it does not spill on your skin or clothes.

2. Make Sure You Have Acquired the Right Battery

As you head to the auto parts store, you can carry the car battery with you. You will then show the clerk the old battery and they will find will then find an appropriate replacement.

3. Secure the new battery and also grease the terminals.

The new battery should be placed on the battery tray. It should then be secured to the bracket. Reverse the process that you had used initially as you removed the battery. The terminals should also be greased to prevent corrosion.

4. Start by Connecting the Positive Cable

Make sure you have connected the positive cable first. The cable should be placed on top of the terminal and tightened using a wrench.

5. Reconnect the Negative Cable

After connecting the positive cable, you should go ahead and connect the negative cable. The cable should be tightened to the terminal using a wrench. The wrench and the negative cable should also not come into contact with any metallic substance. The main focus is on avoiding an electrical discharge.

6. Close the Hood and Ignite the Engine

Ensure you have gotten rid of all the tools that were used during the battery replacement process. No tools should be left under the hood. After turning off the vehicle, you should ensure that all the electronic devices are working well. You can then reset the clock, navigation system, and radio.

As a car owner, you may have lacked the basic knowledge about how to change a car battery. We have explained the entire process step by step on how you are supposed to remove the old battery and then place the new battery into the car.
For questions or if you would like to purchase a new battery for your vehicle please contact us.