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Lock Down Car Care and Maintenance

Lock Down Car Care and Maintenance

So, is there anything you should do differently about car care and maintenance while on this covid-19 lock down? Can your car sustain damage by merely sitting in your garage, driveway or parking spot for a couple of months? And, maybe, is now actually a good time to take it in for some long overdue maintenance or repairs? The answers are yes, yes, and yes!

Take care of your car too!

During this time of not leaving the house for days or weeks at a stretch, there are a few quick easy things you can do to keep expensive repairs at bay after this long lock down finally ends. First and foremost, you should drive your car at least once every two weeks, at least a few times around the block. Modern vehicles have many parts and systems that can break down just by sitting idle. The battery in your car is always draining a little, but while the car is running, in most cars the alternator charges it up. Your tires can develop permanent flat spots from sitting too long, and your engine and transmission seals can dry out if not being lubricated by the pumps that push oil through those assemblies. So, make sure you get out there at least once in a while and drive your car, it can be therapeutic and, after all, you can maintain social distance perfectly from inside your ride!

Different times call for different solutions!

If you are at higher risk or are too sick to get out and drive, then see if a family member or friend, maybe when they come to drop off food or rake your yard for you, would mind taking your car for a spin while they are there. Maybe a friendly neighbor could take your car to the store for you instead of driving their own one day. All they have to do is wipe down the wheel and other surfaces when they return and it would be perfectly safe. Or, if you have a relative or neighbor in that situation, and wonder what you could do to help them, this could be the way.

Now is the time for action!

If you recently had a minor accident in your car, or have been putting off some long term maintenance items, such as new tires, brakes, or maybe a timing belt change, then now is the time to get your car into a collision or mechanic repair shop. Why now? Because most of these automotive businesses have been deemed essential by state and local governments, and are open for business. However, with most people self-isolating and staying home, they are not very busy, and many are, in fact, in danger of going out of business or at least laying off or firing many employees. Right now you can likely walk right into a popular repair shop that in normal times might have a long waiting list for new customers. Of course, you should call first, and check for abbreviated hours, or new distancing procedures they may have in place, but right now, your business is most welcome! Also, many shops may be offering discounts, rides home, or other incentives to bring in the business that the current situation has mostly taken away.

So don’t let your vehicle stress you out right now, just take your car for an occasional drive, and think about getting some long overdue car care and maintenance done, and take care of yourself and your family!