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Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Aftermarket Parts

Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Aftermarket Parts

Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Aftermarket Parts 

Installing aftermarket parts could a bit more complex than installing factory parts for some people.  But is nothing to worry about if you follow instructions, use common sense and follow these basic tips. 

1. Do not over tighten fasteners.

Because bolts are tightened with an impact wrench, some people will continue to tighten the bolt until it is beyond snug. This will cause you to strip out your threads and lead to stripped holes, broken studs, and other problems. To properly tighten a bolt or nut, you should only use as much force as necessary to secure it. If your bolt is too tight, it will be difficult to remove later on and cause unnecessary damage to the threads of the bolts.

2. Do not mix and match parts.

This one is backward logic, but it is still something some people do. While you may have a brand or model in mind when shopping for parts, there are many other factors to consider when making your purchase. Make sure that your part matches your vehicle's make and model because mixing and matching can lead to problems with fitment and performance issues.

3. Do not reuse old parts.

It is a great idea to save money by using old parts lying around, but this can cause more harm than good. Old parts do not function as well as new ones and can sometimes lead to severe problems with your vehicle. Misfit items have been known to come loose and damage your transmission, intake manifold, or other components of the engine. You should only consider reusing old parts if you have leftovers from previous maintenance, such as used oil pans or brake rotors.

4. Mixing and matching parts can cause fitment problems.

Different brands or models of aftermarket parts will sometimes fit differently than the factory parts. This may be due to slight differences in shape or size, but it also considers that some manufacturers have improved their products over time. Using a part from a different manufacturer may mean a misfit for your vehicle, regardless of whether you are trying to improve performance or adjust fitment.

5. Do not modify the location of sensors or other essential parts.

Aftermarket car parts are often designed to modify your vehicle's performance, improve efficiency and offer better safety features. Some of these upgrades will require the relocation or removal of factory sensors or other essential components. This may seem like a good idea, but it is dangerous to tamper with these items. You should also check if your new part requires removing any additional factory components before installing it, especially if it is not included in the instruction manual.

6. Use correct size parts or tools.

Installing aftermarket parts requires the proper tools and equipment. Unfortunately, some people use the wrong-sized socket or hammer to try to tighten new fasteners. This can lead to improper tightening, a stripped spot on the appropriate bolt, and other problems that can void your warranty and leave you with an expensive new part. The best thing to do is to read the instructions and purchase the right tools for the job.

7. Do not drill your holes.

For some people, modifying their vehicle's appearance or performance may seem like a good idea, but doing so can be dangerous and illegal in some cases. Under no circumstances should you attempt to modify your car by drilling holes in it or cutting components, even if it sounds like a great idea. This is because you are essentially trying to do something that can be considered criminal activity, and this modification can cause injury and damage to your vehicle.


These are just some of the most common mistakes that can be made when installing aftermarket parts, but there are many others. You should always read the manufacturer's instructions and follow them carefully. If you need clarification on anything, it is best to ask your mechanic or do some research online before you make any modifications to your vehicle.

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