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Signs You Need to Replace your Spark Plugs

Signs You Need to Replace your Spark Plugs

Signs You Need to Replace your Spark Plugs

The spark plugs play an important part in igniting the combustion engine. if you wonder what does a spark plug do? It ignites the fuel-air mix of the combustion engine starting the car. The plugs set the pistons moving and enable your car to continue on its journey. Like all parts of your car, from time to time the spark plugs need maintenance.


Symptoms of faulty spark plugs are often that it appears sluggish, and you may attribute this issue to an aging battery. However, it is important to book your car for a service and checkup regularly. With older cars, twice a year may be necessary to change the oil and check for smooth running.

A new model car will only need to be checked over annually unless a problem emerges, and it is worth having a new car as often the manufacturer guarantees it for 5 years, making the checkups free. So symptoms of faulty spark plugs are.

  1. The Car is Hard to Start

The spark plugs can become dirty and clogged. When this happens they can either be taken out and cleaned, or new ones purchased and fitted.

Once the plugs become dirty the car will be difficult to start, this often happens in the winter, just when you don't want to be outside looking under the bonnet. The reality is that there is not enough spark to ignite the engine and you will need new plugs.

  1. Engine Misfires

Your engine can misfire for various reasons, and it may be because there is water in the fuel, making the fuel inferior and damaging to your engine.

This can also be caused by worn spark plugs, the engine pace falters and just doesn't sound right. You don't want this to continue as it is damaging to the engine, so get your spark plugs checked at the garage.

  1. Rough Idling of Your Engine

Your car will be making rattling noises, and maybe burning a lot more fuel. When the spark plugs are worn, the car often uses nearly double the amount of fuel. If you find this happening go and get new spark plugs, or your car may refuse to start.

  1. Acceleration is Sluggish

With dirty worn spark plugs your car is unable to accelerate, and it just won't have the power to take off like it once did. Once you get new spark plugs, acceleration will return to normal.

  1. The Engine Becomes Loud

When one of your spark plugs is not functioning properly, you will notice the noise. This causes the other cylinders to work harder setting up the noise, and you will immediately know that there is something wrong. Some mechanics actually don't think about the spark plugs, so choose an experienced mechanic to maintain your car engine.

  1. The Engine Light May Come On

If the engine light comes on, it is a warning sign that something isn't right and needs fixing. So even if you don't think it is the spark plugs, take the car for a checkup because something is wrong, and ignoring it may lead to far greater problems.

Spark Plubs

If your car has standard copper plugs they last anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 miles. While more expensive platinum plugs can last up to 60,000 miles. So if your car was preowned you may find that the spark plugs have never been checked, and you will almost certainly need to have them replaced. Even though the platinum /nickel plugs can last so long it is recommended that they are replaced by 30,000 miles, and always have your car checked by a mechanic annually. Your car is a bit like a human body, it gives warning signs that things are wrong, and like body aches and pains your car's symptoms should not be ignored. Failing to upkeep your car's internal mechanics could lead to a nasty accident.


Symptoms of faulty spark plugs are easy enough to notice once you know what to listen for. You will become attuned to how your car sounds and will certainly know when it is rough idling or missing, and then you will be able to take it to your mechanic for a check-up.

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