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The Best Modifications for Nissan 350Z

The Best Modifications for Nissan 350Z

The Best Modifications for Nissan 350Z 

Whenever you get your Nissan 350Z, you are not just purchasing the car. You are buying into the potential modifications that come with owning it. The 350Z is a fairly cheap car that can be tricked out and customized until it can stand toe to toe with some of the world’s biggest sports car options. 

There are a lot of modifications for a 350Z, and whenever you are ready to start modifying things, the chances are that you cannot change everything. So, here are some of the best modifications for the 350Z, and hopefully you can find some that can work for your tastes and needs.

Better Taillights

This is an underwhelming modification, but a very necessary one. For 350Z owners, a problem can emerge that allows water to get inside the taillight after the seal breaks and becomes brittle. The water then can cause the taillight to look misty, reducing its effectiveness. 

Instead of removing the water and then resealing the taillights, you can replace the lights with aftermarket LED taillights. They improve on the originals in every single way, and they stay condensation-free.

The Wheels and Tires

Changing the wheels on a car might seem a bit redundant, but you can have both cosmetic and functional changes. Aftermarket wheels can make your car stand out against all the others that are rolling with the wheels that they came with. 

The wheels for a Nissan 350Z need to be 17”, 18”, or 19” in size. 19” might seem pretty large, but those sized wheels are the best sizes that help to fit the car. Plus, they look much better from every single angle. They are perfect if you want to show your sportscar off!

You also do not want to stick with the cheap tires that come with the car. Instead, performance tires that add traction and stick to the road are the best choices for you. 


Even though the Nissan 350Z is marketed as a sports car, it does need to be available for a wide range of buyers. This means that the 350Z is a bit harder to handle due to the suspension, but that can be changed. It also needs to be changed if you get new wheels!

While you can lower the springs and call it a day, you should try to get coilovers for your 350Z. The coilovers replace the OEM strut with springs and dampers that work together as one unit to aid in the handling of the car. 

You can adjust the shocks for the coilovers up to 32 ways, although we have found that a damping of 16 or less is enough for daily driving. Feel free to change it though if you are handling a rougher road.

The Exhaust Pipe

If you want your Nissan 350Z to really roar as a sports car would, then you need to go about replacing the exhaust system. Modifying the exhaust pipe can not only make your engine roar like a lion, but it can also help give you greater engine performance.

Exhaust pipes can increase the horsepower and the torque of the car, and it also makes the car look awesome from the back. Plus, most exhausts are below the legal sound limit at 93 decibels, so you can hear your engine revving while also not drawing too much attention to yourself.

The Brakes

This is less of a modification and more of a necessity for your car. As you increase the power that your car can output, you also want to increase the stopping power so the car stops when you need it to. By upgrading and updating your brakes, you ensure your safety in normal and trickier situations.

For example, performance-enhancing brake pads are designed to give your braking some bite and can be used on both the street and the track. They also can work in any weather, and there is nothing like driving a car that is as powerful as a Nissan 350Z and then knowing that it is going to stop on a dime no matter what.

Getting Modifications for Your Nissan 350Z

There is a good mix of both cosmetic and functional modifications for your sports car on this list. Do not exclude one at the expense of the other, because your fancy new wheels and tires are not going to do much if you cannot brake and come to a stop effectively. You need a balance of both for your car to truly be effective. 

Do some research on the different modifications out there, and make sure that you are getting the best ones for your needs as a driver. Once you have the correct combination of modifications, then you can really hit the road and show the world what your car can do.