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The Best Places To Find Toyota Auto Parts

Toyota Auto Parts
When you’re buying a Toyota, especially for projects and rebuilds, the deciding factor in whether you’re getting a good deal or not is whether or not the parts that you end up buying to put in the car are good deals themselves. In this post, we’ll show you the easiest places to find the parts you need and the cheapest places to buy them.

Online Inventories

One convenient place to search and shop for car parts is an online inventory. Many online inventories such as our very own, offer hundreds if not thousands of parts for almost any make and model of any car, not just Toyotas. The site features an easy-to-use search tool where parts are sorted by year, make, and model. Customers can even search for parts by category and/or serial number. Online inventories tend to offer lower prices and a larger selection than average, meaning it’s more likely that you find what you need and within a few minutes instead of in a few hours.


Oftentimes, an official dealership is the clear-cut first choice for those looking to buy Toyota auto parts. They offer reliable new or like-new parts and since they’re directly from the main manufacturer, the part is always tailored to the specific make and model of the car it’s for. With a dealership, you get what you pay for, and the price is almost always well worth it in the long run when buying from the dealership.


Buying in bulk is often the best option for those with project cars or a lot of cars to work on. This is because wholesalers will give you an extremely reduced price if they know you plan on buying a large number of parts regardless of if you’re getting a lot of the same parts or a lot of different parts for the same car. For example, buying 15 Toyota auto parts individually might run you somewhere around the 3 to 5 thousand dollar mark. However, buying all these parts together as a wholesale package would cost around or even less than half of that.

Third-Party Manufacturers

Third-party manufacturers are unofficial manufacturers that make parts for a large number of different car types. Although these unofficial Toyota auto parts are also made in Asia, they are usually made in China instead of Japan where almost 60 percent of Toyotas parts are made. These third-party parts generally cost far below average since the manufacturing plants can make so many so fast. Although suppliers are a bit more difficult to find for people who live in the United States, once found, they are great for those who need a lot of car parts at low price points.

Junkyards and Pick-Your-Part

Yards Junkyards and pick-your-part yards are great options for anyone looking for parts on a budget. Pick-your-part yards, like the eleven LKQ locations in Florida, are large lots of totaled cars where customers pay an entrance fee and bring their toolboxes to extract parts from any and every car in the lot. Although it requires a little more work and is a bit more time consuming, prices are greatly reduced since there isn’t a service fee.

Junkyards are essentially the same as pick-your-part yards, but instead of roaming the lots and taking the parts off yourself, the people there do it for you. Oftentimes, junkyards will take apart cars and sort out the parts ahead of time so that they are easy to find. Because of the service fee and cost of disassembling the cars, parts from a junkyard are almost always slightly more expensive than parts from pick-your-part yards.


The internet is a seemingly infinite web of information and if you don't know where to look, you’ll get lost, especially when you’re inexperienced. This can make not only finding parts but finding a good deal on them, a daunting task. However, sites and places such as online inventories, dealerships, wholesalers, third-party manufacturers, junkyards, and pick-your-part yards make finding a good deal on quality parts a lot easier.
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