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Tools and Supplies Needed to Replace you Car’s Radiator

If you own a car, you need to take some time to understand it. A common part that brings trouble to most car owners is the radiator. The radiator’s repairs may include applying a simple seal or replacing the entire system. For you to carry out a successful system repair, there are some auto tools you require. Even though you might have some of the needed tools in your garage, you might be required to purchase others to complete each task. These tools are a worthwhile investment because you may use them for many years in case you need to carry out such a repair in the future. Here are some of the tools you need:

1. Drain Pan 

A drain pan is a necessary tool that you need to own because it helps in car-related tasks. However, when it comes to the cooling system’s repair, it is essential. In most situations, you may need to drain the system of the coolant so that you can begin a proper fix or to replace the radiator. The coolant is drained into a pan. Since the coolant is toxic, it may soak into the ground and reach the groundwater.

Additionally, you have to invest in seal containers so that you can dispose of the old coolant in the best possible manner. Some of the best places to dispose of your old coolant include waste recycling centers and mechanical workshops. The good thing about such places is that the coolant cannot come into contact with the ground.

2. Wrenches 

A successful cooling system requires a full set of metric and non-metric sockets. You should have ¼ and ½ inch drives because you may deal with different types of sockets. It is advisable to own both drive sizes so that you don’t stall at any point of the operation. Most of the tools you need for auto-repair are affordable. Purchasing the right sets of sockets gives you the ability to carry out any auto-related task and access any point of your vehicle. In most cases, people opt to go to the mechanic because they lack tools that reach certain points of their cars.

3. Pliers 

Your collection should have different sets of pliers. You are bound to be using the pliers in other car-related repairs. However, if you are planning to remove the entire cooling system, you need pliers.

4. Pressure Tester 

The purpose of a pressure tester in the component’s repair is to test the pressure of the cooling system. You can opt to buy a specific component tester for your car model or get one that can be used in all models. Investing in a universal tester is a better idea because you might decide to go for a different car later. Therefore, if you carry out different tasks on cars, you need to own a pressure tester.

5. Spare Expansion Tank 

An expansion tank is vital if you want to carry out radiator repair. Expansion tanks are made of plastic and tend to crack or develop leaks. In such a situation, you need to replace it immediately. If you own a spare one, you may not need to purchase a new tank. The process of replacing an expansion tank is relatively simple, but the first thing should be to drain the coolant.

6. Screwdrivers 

In the process of repairing your cooling system, you need to invest in different sizes of screwdrivers. The good thing is that such an investment can help you with other car-related tasks. At the top and bottom hoses, some clamps run directly to the cooling system. The only way to unscrew the clamps is by using a screwdriver.


The moment you equip yourself with the tools mentioned in this piece, you are ready for any cooling system repair. If you do not want to go to the mechanic because you don’t have certain equipment, it is advisable to invest in such tools.