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What’s the Difference Between the “Front Bumper” and “Front Fascia” of a Car?

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What’s the Difference Between the “Front Bumper” and “Front Fascia” of a Car?

Many people aren’t concerned about the aesthetics of their vehicle, but sometimes small scratches and dents happen to bumpers. Cleaning up the aesthetic look of a bumper can sometimes be cheap, but are you actually sure it’s the front bumper that is damaged, or a front fascia? What exactly is the difference between a front bumper and a front fascia, and when should you choose one over the other when searching online for bumper sales near me?

What is a Front Bumper?

Older vehicles have very visible bumpers, and so do some modern trucks. Front Bumpers are steel structural components that help protect the vehicle by absorbing some impact from a collision so that more important components under the hood are protected. Most modern vehicles don’t have a visible bumper on the exterior, but still have energy absorbers and bumper reinforcement to offer the protection needed for minor dings and low-speed impacts.

What is a Front Fascia?

If you have been in an accident and are looking for bumper sales near me for a minor scratch or dent, you may actually be needing a front fascia. The front fascia is normally made of softer material such as high-density plastic, fiberglass or rubber, and even synthetic or genuine leathers. These cover the actual bumper. The front fascia is there mainly for aesthetic purposes, while also providing aerodynamic properties to improve fuel efficiency. The front fascia is often damaged in low-speed impacts, without damaging the bumper itself.

When Should You Consider Getting a New Bumper Cover?

If your bumper cover (fascia) has been damaged, then it may be time to consider bumper sales near me. Bumper covers are coated in paint just like the rest of the vehicle, and this paint can chip off over time. If you aren’t ready to repaint and want to get the aesthetic appeal back, you may consider buying a new fascia. As well, if the plastic is starting to deteriorate beyond just scratches, you may want to replace it. If there are a lot of small dents that haven’t caused any structural damage, you may choose to replace the fascia to return the aesthetic appeal to your vehicle.

When Should You Get a Bumper?

Looking for bumper sales near me is going to be necessary when an accident has been severe enough to damage the front bumper behind the front fascia. In case of accidents like that, the bumper should be replaced immediately, as well as any other components that have been damaged in the process. Your mechanic will be able to easily tell you if you need a new bumper after an accident and it is a much more obvious decision than a front fascia purchase.

Finding the Right Parts for Your Car

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