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Is there is an aftermarket parts store near me?

An out of service car is stressful. You worry about finding a reliable mechanic and how much it is going to cost. The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not the replacement parts are safe and reliable. Basically, you have three choices when buying replacement parts for your car: aftermarket parts, genuine parts from the car’s manufacturer, and parts from an original equipment manufacturer. Once you read this article, you’ll be asking yourself: “Is there is an aftermarket parts store near me?”

What are Aftermarket Parts?

The phrase “aftermarket parts” can conjure up thoughts of dread in anyone who is not familiar with the term. Aftermarket parts are simply parts made by an independent manufacturer. They are just as good as, and sometimes better than, the parts that were on your car when you bought it. They are specifically made for the make and model of your car, and manufactured to the highest standards of performance. In many cases they will perform better than the parts the original manufacturer of your car put on it. The best way to get aftermarket parts as replacements for those that wear out or break on your car, is to bring it to an independent car repair shop. They have no allegiance with the manufacturer and will use the replacement parts you specify.

Are Genuine Parts from the Car’s Manufacturer Better?

Genuine parts are those that the manufacturer of the car put on it when it was made in their factory. However, chances are that the car manufacturer did not make those parts. Most, if not all, car manufacturing companies buy their parts from companies that specialize in manufacturing parts. Car manufacturers specialize in manufacturing cars, using components that are outsourced from a variety of companies. So the engine and its components come from a metal manufacturing company, the windows from a glass maker, and the interior upholstery and floor coverings from a textile company. If you buy genuine parts from a car manufacturer, the only thing they manufactured is their logo on the box. That’s what you’re paying for and these are the parts that will be used to repair your car if you bring it to a car dealer.

What About Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, or OEM parts, are made by the same companies that manufacture and sell parts to the car companies that build the cars. They are the exact same parts that were originally on your car when it came off the assembly line. The only difference is the part does not have the logo of the car company on it. Because it is considered “generic,” it costs far less than the genuine parts associated with the original manufacturer of your car. Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are available at independent repair shops.

So Are Aftermarket Parts store near meSafe for My Car?

Yes, aftermarket parts are safe for your car. In some cases, they will offer better performance than the parts that the car manufacturing company originally put on your car. Your trusted mechanic can tell you whether or not an aftermarket part is the best choice for replacing virtually any part on your car. They know from experience what aftermarket parts perform better than genuine or OEM parts. So the next time your car breaks down, you’ll be asking yourself, “Is there an aftermarket parts store near me?” And your pocketbook will be glad you did.

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